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Security and Access

To provide a security model that satisfies numerous, unique real-world business cases, Salesforce provides a comprehensive and flexible data security model to secure data at different levels. Salesforce also provides sharing tools to open up and allow secure access to data based on business needs. In this post, I explain how security features work together by taking a real-world scenario and describing it using images and GIFs.

Data Management

This best practices guide covers topics related to data management in Marketing Cloud to help you understand and use information you collect about your customers for communication, segmentation, and personalization. Most marketers are not database administrators, and most database administrators are not marketers. Most of the time, management and use of data in an enterprise platform like Marketing Cloud requires collaboration and communication between organizational functions, implementation partners, or Salesforce Services.

Content Management

Salesforce CMS provides a central place to manage content. Assign roles to contributors to decide who sees and does what. Distribute your content across channels such as B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Marketing Cloud, Heroku, or Lightning Experience apps. Lightning communities can use the Salesforce CMS app to distribute their content while Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities can share content through the Connect REST API

Change Management

Here are 9 steps to for successful change and seasonal release management: 1. Get a strategy
2. Engage an executive sponsor
3. Collect input from end-users
4. Define scope and impact
5. Prioritize
6. Configure and test
7. Communicate and train
8. Deploy
9. Follow up & Support


Surfacing insight from disparate university systems is challenging – and getting answers to critical questions is not easy. Institutions are often left in the dark when trying to figure out which prospective students to recruit, how best to meet students’ needs, which marketing campaigns are most effective, and more. We have completely re-thought analytics for institutions with Salesforce Wave Analytics.

Process Automation

Instead of relying on your users to perform each part of a business process, automate it! The benefits are two-fold: your users can spend their time on other tasks, and you can trust that the process is always done just so. Salesforce offers tools to automate several kinds of business processes: guided visual experiences, behind-the-scenes automation, and approval automation. You'll be happy to know that these tools don't require you to write code—they're all point-and-click.